Rules 2019

As a raceway we reserve the right refuse anyone entry to track and to let anyone race if we feel the need to stop you.

Fire proof overalls, crash helmets, gloves and balaclavas must be worn at all times when on the raceway. And must be with you at scrutineering.

You may not get out of your car while racing is going on. Unless instructed by a Marshal then stay in your vehicle.

Any person that enters the raceway without authorisation will be banned for the next meeting. If this happens again you will be banned for the season.

You may not participate in any formula under the influence of alcohol. If we believe you are intoxicated you will be asked to leave the raceway. Random checks will be carried out and life bans given if found to be under the influence.

All production formulas are strictly non contact if deliberate contact is seen you WILL be black flagged.

If flags are ignored punishment becomes more severe.

If you are black flagged twice in the same meeting for the same reason you will miss the next meeting.

Punctures will also be black flagged unless on the o/s/r and not causing track damage.

Rookie bangers are not allowed to follow in. If you are deemed to of committed an offence you will be loaded up for the rest of the day.

There is a 1 lap rule on any incident. I.e. An incident has to be on going for you to also crash into it. If a marshal has had a yellow flag on it for 1 lap then you must not take that shot. Doing so will mean a black flag.

If you win a heat you start from the back of your current roof grade.

Roof grades will be changed for the start of the next meeting not during the current one.

A waved yellow means move into single file and drop your speed to 10mph in the race order that the yellows came out on. If you feel you have jumped a place give it back. There will be staff on the track at this point. If you feel the need to go any faster you will receive a black flag.

After a waved yellow or stoppage the clerk of the course will where possible put the top 8-10 drivers back into race order from the last recorded lap. This is a difficult enough job anyone seen to be non coherent will be black flagged.

A rolled black flag will be shown as a warning for contact. If the offender persists then a black cross board will be shown. This is a 2 place deduction and can be shown as many times as we feel needed. If the driver still persists then it will result in being loaded for the rest of the meeting.

All rubbish should be taken home with you. If you make the mess tidy the mess.

Lap scorers placing are final unless video evidence can prove otherwise.

Do not approach race control to talk to the lap scorers. Any queries should go through the clerk of the course via the marshal on the pit gate.

Any aggressive behaviour, verbal or physical towards any member of staff will result in a life ban from the raceway.

Family member and friends of drivers should also see above rule as it will still result in a ban for the associated driver.

Any social media outbursts that are detrimental to the raceway could result in a ban.

Clerk of the course decision is final.

Clutch guards are allowed 4 inch x 4inch maximum no more than 2 bolts holding it on.

No dizzy guards